Hardolin are developing several standardized oils with various grades of CBD that can be delivered subject to the appropriate export licenses being issued by regulators.

Our full-spectrum CBD-oil concentrates are integrated into the production line of regulatory approved R&D pharmaceutical development partners in Uruguay and Paraguay. Our pharmaceutical partners performs the standardization of the oil concentrates under the high quality associated with GMP medical-grade production benchmarks. Hardolin will subject to the appropriate licenses and export permits being issued, deliver the final standardized product directly to our industrial licensed customers from the production platform of our pharmaceutical partners. This secures a fully compliant GMP setting all the way from farming to end delivery of our crude oils.

We presently farm flowers & biomass, based on EU white listed genetics.
Our extraction services are directed towards the full-spectrum CBD oil market and is delivered as crude oil or in a standardized form.
Hardolin has several standardized oils with various grades of CBD that we offer to deliver.
Customers can be delivered a range of approved customer end products in the final dosage form.


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Hardolin operates a plantation in Uruguay for the purpose of cultivating Cannabis Sativa plants that allows for a final extraction of high quality full-spectrum Cannabinoid Oil.


Hardolin BV
Republic of Uruguay