Hardolin has a fully integrated extraction service based on alcohol. Extraction is provided in Uruguay by a GMP compliant licensed partner. Fulfilling GAP on the farming level, and GMP on the post-production level, allows for the provisioning to industrial- and medical GMP compliant customers. By using alcohol extraction the high quality of the principal cannabinoids and terpenes are maintained down-stream the derivatives product offerings.

Our extraction solution is targeting the full-spectrum CBD oil market. Subject to export licenses being issued our product solution will allow for crude oil concentrate or full-spectrum CBD oil in a standardized form.

To secure the highest possible quality of final CBD, we have requested that our Extraction R&D license allows for spike levels of THC during the extraction process, permitting better-suited genetics to form the basis for our concentrates and oils which in their final form, are all delivered with THC levels below 300 ppm.

We presently farm flowers & biomass, based on EU white listed genetics.
Our extraction services are directed towards the full-spectrum CBD oil market and is delivered as crude oil or in a standardized form.
Hardolin has several standardized oils with various grades of CBD that we offer to deliver.
Customers can be delivered a range of approved customer end products in the final dosage form.


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Hardolin operates a plantation in Uruguay for the purpose of cultivating Cannabis Sativa plants that allows for a final extraction of high quality full-spectrum Cannabinoid Oil.



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