Our farming is operated from our land and infrastructure in the Republic of Uruguay.

This season 2019/2020 more than 2 metric tons of cultivated flowers are harvested and sold for extraction purposes.

Farming takes place on 300.000 m2 of our land. The production of mother-plants is prepared in own growth-house facilities and 6.000 m2 of own operated green-houses.

Our farming standard operation procedures are certified GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and our drying room facilities are GMP compliant (Great Manufacturing Practices).

Hardolin offers forward contracting of farmed- and dried flowers & biomass as well as our full range of concentrates, pharmaceutically produced standardized full-spectrum cannabis oils and pharmaceutically produced final dosage form consumer products.

We presently farm flowers & biomass, based on EU white listed genetics.
Our extraction services are directed towards the full-spectrum CBD oil market and is delivered as crude oil or in a standardized form.
Hardolin has several standardized oils with various grades of CBD that we offer to deliver.
Customers can be delivered a range of approved customer end products in the final dosage form.


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Hardolin operates a plantation in Uruguay for the purpose of cultivating Cannabis Sativa plants that allows for a final extraction of high quality full-spectrum Cannabinoid Oil.



Hardolin BV
Republic of Uruguay